• UNO is America's No.1 brand of family fun game. An easy card game for kids, UNO is the perfect activity for family game night.

  • Pictionary brings loads of fun to any party game night. You only have 60 seconds to draw a card and sketch a picture to get your team to guess the word.

  • Apples to Apples is a fun party game of matching words on red apple and green apple cards. With any number of possible combinations, this entertaining family card game always provides plenty of laughter and fun.

  • Check out Bounce Off, a card game where you go head-to-head to create a pattern by bouncing balls into a grid. Challenge your opponent in this fast-paced matching game from Mattel!

  • Check out Phase 10, an exciting rummy-type card game from the makers of UNO. Gather cards to create sets and runs in this fun and challenging family game!

  • The Skip-Bo card game challenges you to play your stock pile of cards in sequential order. Try this fun family game, which is easy to learn and difficult to master!

  • Looking for fun games for kids? Grab a mallet and bang moles on the head as they light up and make noises in Whac-A-Mole, a fun party game for kids!

  • Pull out Blokus on your next family game night! Learn the simple rules to the block game and try to place all your colored pieces on the game board.

  • Take a break from party games to see what the Magic 8 ball says about your questions. Ask a question and turn over for the answer with this classic novelty toy!

  • Battle with the original fighting robots in Rock 'Em Sock 'Em. Choose the Red Rocker or Blue Bomber and knock off the other robot's block in this fun game for kids!

More Games by Mattel

Apples to Apples® Junior


Players ages nine and up will have a blast while expanding their vocabulary and thinking skills!


It's faster than you think! Play the world's fastest game!

Phase 10®

Phase 10® Card Game

A rummy-type card game with a challenging and exciting twist!

Get ready for lots of fun during your next family game night! Create moments to remember with Mattel Games, where you will find something for everyone. Try fun games for kids, with easy rules and lots of action. Explore the fun and challenging card games, including UNO, Phase 10, and Skip-Bo, which each put your skill and strategy to the test. Browse the Mattel Games collection to discover new twists on old favorites, plus brand new games to add to you collection. Whether you are looking for a building game, word game, card game, or party game, you will find it at Mattel!